Tuesday, August 17, 2010

2 Glam 4 School Event

Thanks to some kind words & a referral from a friend of mine at work, I had the opportunity to be part of a super-fun day for little girls this past weekend. It was an event called "2 Glam 4 School" and it was a day for girls to come get their toenails painted with pretty flowers, their hair braided, pictures taken and to enjoy some yummy treats! Luckily some of those yummy treats were my princess cookies! I wanted to be sure to showcase both of my popular sugar cookie flavors - lemon and regular. I also wanted to make the cookies super cute and girly so all of the little girls would be excited when they saw them.

The pink icing turned out super cute, I loved how bright it was! Since I was having to make so many I tried to keep the design of both the ring and crown pretty simple. Curious what the favorite was? The Pink Crowns :) ... they went fast!

The entire room was full of pink, black, feathers and sparkles...including my table. Don't you just love it? I had the 2 wine bottles with feathers & silver spray decorations leftover from our New Years bash last year. They worked perfectly!

My other favorite part in the room was the Candy Bar...

I had an absolute blast getting to spend some time with the sweetest little girls while showing off my newborn business venture. I was lucky enough to have some of the Mom's take my card and insist that they would be calling me ASAP to get something set up! Woohoo!

Although I was super happy with how my crowns and rings turned out, I was THRILLED with the cupcake cookies I made for my friend Jen (it was her birthday the day before)...

I will definitely be making a bunch of these very soon! I can't wait to use all kinds of fun colors & make all sorts of different cupcakes!

Well that's all for now...Dora Cookies up this week - pictures to come!

Happy baking everyone!


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