Friday, September 24, 2010

My "A-HA!" Moment....

So I was looking through some of my favorite blogs today and came across a posting that Gail made over at One Tough Cookie. She is absolutely hilarious and SO brilliant with her cookie designs. So take a look and find out what my "a-ha" moment was (and yes the name of the post sounds provocative, but it's really about cookies! Promise!)...

One Tough Cookie - Between the Sheets

Who knew, right?? This is definitely how I'll be handling all of my dough from now on!

Happy Baking!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Caillou Cookies

I had never heard of Caillou before, so when my friend from work asked me to make her son some cookies for her son's 2nd birthday featuring Caillou and his cat Gilbert I was super nervous! I think they turned out pretty great! I freehanded Gilbert from a picture Jen had given me and I think he's my favorite! I used a Gingerbread Boy cookie cutter for Caillou so it gave me a form to work from. The balloons needed a little "pizzaz" so I covered them in sanding sugar to give them a little sparkle.
Packaged and ready to go!

3 dozen goodies wrapped and ready to be devoured! :) Although it is a little sad thinking about those cute little faces getting all chomped up...

I had a great time making these and loved taking on a challenge! Next week, apples and beer! Happy baking everyone!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Playing Catch-Up!

WOW! I've been awful about keeping up with this blog lately - so I am going to do a catching-up post. I've had a few orders since the last post and I'm still having a blast! Things have really taken off which is great!

Dora Cookies
These cookies were so fun to make. They were for the granddaughter of a lady I work with, it was her 2nd birthday! I was pretty pleased with how these turned out, though I didn't realize what a challenge Dora was going to be! For the "sparkly" palm trees and stars I used meringue powder mixed with water as the glue and sprinkled sanding sugar around the edges. I thought it gave them a very fun effect!

Bridal Shower Cookies
A friend of mine had a coworker that was getting married and they were having a little office party for her and she asked if I would make some cute Bridal Shower cookies for this special event! She just wanted simplicity, so what's more simple than pretty white wedding dresses? I think they turned out beautiful!

Cookies for Mom
I had extra dough after making the wedding dresses and decided to make some special cookies for my Mom. She's a super special lady and only deserves super special cookies! These just might be some of my favorite cookies I've done so far, the different colors and patterns were so pretty together and the simplicity of the square kept them looking uniform. I will definitely make these again sometime!

Okay, so that's the little update for now. This week I'm working on some cookies for a 2 year old birthday - Caillou and Gilbert cookies! Can't wait to see what they turn out like! Stay tuned...